Testing Centers

Authorized Test Center Requirements

Computer Specifications

Computers IBM-compatible
Pentium IV Processor or better
1.2 GHz or higher
2 GB RAM or better
CD-ROM Capable
Operating System Windows XP or higher - networked
Network Peer to peer supported Network must be hard wired to the testing facility - Wireless networking not allowed
Telecom Broadband Internet
Printer Inkjet or Laser Printer
Hard Drive Minimum 5 GB available space
Video 17" or 19" monitor, Landscape Orientation
1024 x 768 screen resolution or higher, 24 bit or higher
Pointing Device Microsoft or compatible mouse
Internet Access All test stations, plus proctor station must have Internet access. No laptops are allowed for use with FAA exam administration.
Installed Applications Internet Explorer 8 or higher
Adobe Acrobat Reader
No Deep Freeze Software Installed

Testing Center Requirements

  • Test Center must conform with local building, sanitation & health codes
  • Test Center must be ADA compliant
  • Building and grounds must be clean and in good condition
  • Exits must be clearly marked and unobstructed
  • Fire extinguishers are required and must be in working order, location well marked and easily accessible
  • Emergency exits must be clearly identified and clear of obstructions
  • First-Aid kits must be stocked and easily accessible
  • Restrooms must be located in the same building as the testing center
  • Restrooms must be clean, supplied with necessary items, and in working order
  • Adequate parking must be available near the testing center location
  • FAA Testing Centers must have a minimum of 3 testing workstations.
  • Temperature must be consistent and comfortable
  • Test room must be well-ventilated, with continuous air circulation
  • Test room must be lit so that each candidate can read all diagrams, charts, etc., and read the computer screen with no glare.
  • Test room must be large enough to comfortably place testing stations and chairs
  • Testing terminals must be separated with a suitable partition
  • Test station table surface must be large enough to accommodate the monitor, keyboard, mouse pad and applicable testing materials. The minimum width must be at least 36". A recommended size would be 42" x 36"
  • Testing area must be located so candidate will not be disturbed by foot traffic, loud conversation or outside noise.
  • Noise cancelling devices must be available.
  • Testing room shall be free from any other activity during testing sessions; during non-testing time, the testing room may be available for other uses.
  • Testing must take place in a separate room with a closeable door.
  • Testing room must have a video surveillance system which allows camera monitoring of all candidates within the testing room.
  • Testing room door must be lockable, restricting any unauthorized access
  • All testing material must be secured when not in use.
  • Testing Centers must have a proctor station located outside of the testing room
  • Copy machine or scanner to make copies of candidate IDs and test eligibility documents
  • Fax machine allowing receipt of transmitted documents 24 hours a day
  • A locking file cabinet to secure test materials and candidate documents
  • Clipboards and Binders for organizing candidate papers and testing documents
  • Ream of clean paper to be issued to candidate, if applicable, and pencils
  • Test supplement books are required for all FAA AKT exams. The testing center is responsible for obtaining the FAA supplement books. For other tests supplement books when applicable will be supplied by PSI and/or the client.
  • Testing Center Procedures Manual.